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Every once in a while, as we are looking for new and interesting kitchen gadgets to bring to you attention, we come across a device that has been around for years, that is better in every way than the old system, and that has not yet acquired mass recognition. Can openers have been around for decades, even centuries by now, and the basic tech has not changed since the first can was manufactured. In fact there is a new technology in the form of the electric can opener, but to our great surprise very few retailers carry the electric versions. So we had to look very carefully at the options we had before we could decide that, yes, indeed, we had tested a representative sample of electric can openers and we could say that our choices were the best you could make. What we ended up with was that we learned there is an even better electric can opener on the market than what we expected to find, and we are going to talk about it too, but there are also some electric can openers on the market that are actually priced below what you would expect to pay for a traditional can opener. As usual, make sure to scroll past the list itself to find the in depth reviews we have created for you.

PreviewNameRatingPriceMore Details
Hamilton Beach 76606Z Smooth Touch Can Opener, Black and Chromeexcellent$$Click Here!
Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener - Redgood$$Click Here!
West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener, Metallicvery good$$$Click Here!
Handy Can Opener Automatic One Touch Electric Can Openergood$$Click Here!
Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Extra-Tall Can Opener, Whitevery good$$Click Here!

1. Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener

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Traditional electric can openers work much like any manual can opener, just that the mechanism that is doing the cutting is motor operated instead of human operated. That is not the case with the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener. Because they are using an electric motor they can afford to make a more difficult side cut, that leaves you with what could only be described as a lid for your can. This has 2 immediate advantages: on the one hand the lid is not sharp so you or your children do not run the risk of cutting your fingers while opening the can. There is also the advantage that you can pop the lid on so dust won’t collect in the can, and you can even put it back in the fridge and use it after several days without the fridge getting any smells from whatever is in the can, but also without the food from the can catching that nasty fridge taste. Moreover, the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener can be used with pop top cans so if you find that those are a bit too difficult to open, you do not like the fact that they also have a sharp edge, or you simply have snapped the lid, you can use this electric can opener instead without any problems. The only thing is that the Hamilton is one of the more expensive can openers, although not the most expensive, so read on if you want something a bit more affordable.

2. Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener

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There is another piece of kitchen gadgetry that really amazed us as we were doing our research. Traditional electric can openers need to be plugged in, are about the size of a large coffee grinder, and are static. One of the best electric can openers we could find, the Bartelli Soft Edge, is actually not that much bigger than a manual can opener, and it basically works on its own. What you do is you have to set it up on the side of the can, push a button, and then it goes around the can by itself. It is one of the funniest kitchen gadgets we have tried so far, and it is has the added bonus that it too makes side cuts that do not leave a sharp edge. However, because of the way it travels on its own around the can, it really can’t handle pop tops unless you can somehow remove the ring first.

3. West Bend Electric Can Opener

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After having bad mouthed the traditional electric can opener so much, it almost feels like a shame to feature one as the most expensive product on our list. However, the fact remains that kitchen gadgets are not only about function, but also about aspect. Your kitchen needs to look inviting, high tech, impressive, so that it will make you want to cook in it. For that reason the West Bend Electric Can Opener is one of your best choices. It is an excellent can opener, quieter than anything else we have seen so far, and it is also one of the coolest gadgets you could have on your kitchen top due to its sharp, metallic design.

4. Handy One Touch Electric Can Opener

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If the Bartelli we have already featured impressed you so much that you would want one for yourself and one for a friend, there is a cheaper alternative in the form of the Handy One Touch Electric Can Opener. It does not look quite as good as the Bartelli, but it does get the job done and it looks just as funny sliding along the side of the can without any help from you. It even has 2 features that recommend it over the Bartelli: it can tell when it has done a full revolution, so it stops on its own and it only uses 2 AA batteries instead of 4. Of course that only means it is not as powerful and therefore it is a bit noisier, which is why it would not be our first choice.

5. Proctor Silex Plus Extra-Tall Can Opener

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The last electric can opener we are going to consider today is also one of the cheapest. It is a free standing can opener, the traditional style, and the cuts made leave sharp edges. What drew us to it was the fact that it was designed in such a way that you can also use it as a knife sharpener. We were not particularly impressed by its sharpening abilities and we would recommend choosing one of our top choices for that, but in a pinch, so that you do not have to stop cooking just to sharpen a knife, this will do just fine. We also took into consideration the fact that this is an extra tall can opener so it works great on those large cans of dog or cat food, or even the large portions of human food you can sometimes find.

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