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For many a pizza can be a work of art and glory while for others it is a futile attempt to make something edible. In order to turn your next pizza creation into something beautiful, use a pizza stone. These stones allow you to create a masterpiece that will tantalize the taste buds and leave you begging for more. The best pizza stone on the market will give you years of service and take the frustration out of pizza-making for good. To find the best stone to fit your needs, look through our pizza stone reviews below. We have tested a variety of pizza stones in order to arrive at this list of stones that have met our strict expectations.


Best Pizza Stone

When it comes to the best pizza stone, there’s nothing that can outperform the Old Stone Oven rectangular pizza stone. This is our top pick because it is extremely durable, odorless and it quite simply produces the best pizzas. We did our research and as pizza connoisseurs we can safely say that the pizzas made on this stone had the best crust consistency and overall even baking.

When it comes to finding the best stone, it all comes down to the quality of the pizza that it can produce. You can examine feature after feature and compare the different stones in writing but the best measure of success is the pizza. We witnessed a crust that was cooked perfectly every time. No matter how much extra sauce we added, we never experienced a soggy crust in the middle. We loved this stone with our hearts and our stomachs and highly recommend it for anyone that is serious about making the perfect pizza. Find out more about this pizza stone below in our full unbiased review.


Best Pizza Stone for the Money

Heritage, Black Ceramic Pizza Stone

#ODORLESS and will keep your pizza tasting great

The Heritage Black Ceramic pizza stone also performs great when compared to other pizza stones in its price range. When money is a concern, this is a fantastic stone that can last for a number of years. In fact, this product is backed up by a 100% lifetime guarantee. You’ll never have to worry about your stone cracking because it’s just that durable. It’s extremely rare to find a company offering a lifetime guarantee on a pizza stone so that meant a lot to us. It shows that the stone is going to be in our household for quite a while during our homemade pizza-making years.

We love the pizzas that this stone produced and found that the crust was evenly cooked when using a variety of cooking methods. We thoroughly enjoyed the pizza that came right from the grill using the stone and the even texture that appeared throughout the entire pizza. Whether you need a stone for a barbecue, a grill or for your oven, you certainly won’t be disappointed with this pizza stone that offers great value for the money. Be sure to look at our full review below to find out whether this is the pizza stone that will make its way into your home.


Best Pizza Stone on a Budget

Pizzacraft PC9899

Make Your Own Delicious Pizza At Home And Reheat Ready-Made Frozen Pizza

In order to save you the hassle of making pizza stone comparisons on your own, we conducted trial and error testing in order to find the best ones available. You can use our knowledge and experience to your advantage by looking through the reviews that follow to see our top picks.


Best Pizza Stone – Full Review

When you’re looking for the best of the best and a pizza stone that will last for many years to come, you can trust this Old Stone Oven stone to do its job. Making pizza has never been easier with this particular stone and it’s the one that serious cooks use to make a pie that can rival any pizza that’s made in a restaurant.

This stone is the one that produces high quality pizzeria-type pizzas every time on demand. The stone absorbs the intense heat from the oven so that it can be transferred evenly to your pizza dough. Your crust will turn out crispy on the outside and light and airy on the inside.

Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone Features

  • Create restaurant style pizza
  • Can be used for breads and other bakery products
  • Rectangular work surface
  • Handmade in the United States
  • Heat core center
  • Solid and durable

1Create restaurant style pizza – You won’t have to worry any longer about soggy crusts and pizzas that fall apart when you try to pick up a slice. Your pizza will come out perfect every time so that you and your family can enjoy all the benefits of a true homemade pizza. If you’ve never used a pizza stone before, you’ll be amazed at the difference cooking on a pizza stone can make. You’ll probably want to toss your old pizza pans right out once you’ve tried this stone.

Can be used for breads and other bakery products – Don’t limit yourself to only pizza once you’ve purchased this stone. This Old Stone Oven baking stone will give your homemade bread a crisp crust while keeping the inside soft and airy. You can also use this stone for galettes and a wide range of other bakery products.

Rectangular work surfaces – This stone measures 14.5 inches by 16.5 inches, which provides an ample work space to create your culinary delights. While a circular stone can also work, you’ll have more surface area with a rectangular stone to work with. Just make sure that you measure the length and width inside your oven before making your purchase to be sure that the stone will be able to fit properly.

Handmade in the United States – It’s nice to know in this day and age that there are still products that are being handmade in the United States using materials produced here at home. This is a US company that has a solid reputation in the field of pizza stones.

2Heat core center – The heat core located in the center of the stone provides concentrated heating in the middle so that your pizza crust gets cooked evenly. Say goodbye to soggy pizza centers for good with this stone.

Solid and durable – The reason why we decided to rate this as the best overall pizza stone is due to its unmatched durability. The stone won’t crack even when it is exposed to temperature changes and extreme heat. This is the same type of material found inside kilns and furnaces so you’ll know that extreme heat won’t affect this stone in any way.

You’re sure to fall in love with your pizza stone once you’ve used it for the first time. Simply put the stone in a cold oven and then preheat your oven. Allow the stone to heat up for approximately 10 to 15 minutes and then cook your pizza or bread as you normally would. This stone can also be used for frozen pizzas to make sure that they look just as good when cooked  as they do on the cover of the box.

98 %
95 %
95 %

Best Pizza Stone for the Money – Full Review

Heritage, Black Ceramic Pizza Stone

#ODORLESS and will keep your pizza tasting great

When testing out the different pizza stones on the market we ran into this gem that offers great value for the money. It’s a professional grade stone that can be used in the oven, on a barbecue or a grill and it is priced right. This Heritage stone is made with a special material so that it won’t stain after use, which can be a concern for many consumers. As well, this stone is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

  • Heats up faster than other stones
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Odorless
  • Durable
  • Lifetime guarantee

3Heats up faster than other stones – If you’re a busy on-the- go type of person, you’ll appreciate this feature. The Heritage pizza stone will heat up to 50% faster than other stones, which will reduce your cooking time. When you don’t have a lot of time on your hands but still want to enjoy all the benefits that come with pizza stones, this is the one to consider first.

Doesn’t stain – Most pizza stones will stain over time and it is naturally expected. For some people, however, this type of staining is an eyesore so they continually replace their stones once the staining becomes too bad. If you want your pizza stone to look just as good next year as the day you bought it, this would be the stone to buy.

Odorless – Some stones give off an unpleasant odor that many people find offensive. Some pizza stone users have sworn off stones altogether due to the unpleasant smell that some can make. This is an odorless pizza stone that works brilliantly without producing any odors at all.

Durable – This is a ceramic stone that provides all of the features listed above. According to the manufacturer, it is 100% food safe and durable enough to last a lifetime.

Lifetime guarantee – Whenever you see a lifetime guarantee provided for any type of product, you know that the item must be good. This is a great pizza stone to purchase when you want one that will give you service for many, many years to come.

Because it’s ceramic, cleanup is a breeze with this pizza stone by Heritage. Once the stone has cooled down, you simply need to wipe it with a damp cloth. The stone works great in the oven and also outperformed many other stones that we tried on a barbecue and on a charcoal grill. This is a durable product that offers the best value for the money considering its lifetime guarantee and durability.

Once you use a pizza stone you’ll never go back to the old-fashioned pizza pans for home use again. Now you can enjoy fresh-from-the-oven pizza that tastes just as good or even better than the pizza you are currently ordering from your local pizzeria. Make pizza nights a homemade affair and enjoy all of the cost savings that come along with preparing your own pizzas just the way you want them.

95 %
97 %
97 %

Best Pizza Stone on a Budget – Full Review

Pizzacraft PC9899

Make Your Own Delicious Pizza At Home And Reheat Ready-Made Frozen Pizza

Cordierite is basically a structural ceramic that is often used to build kiln furniture since it has great thermal shock properties. It’s extremely durable and can outlast many of the other pizza stone materials. You’ll be able to take the stone from a low to a high temperature without having to worry about breaking it. When you’re on a budget and want a high-quality stone that you can use on your grill or in the oven, this one is the best budget-friendly stone we could find.

Pizzacraft Cordierite Pizza Stone Features

  • Thermal shock resistant
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Measures 20 inches x 13.5 inches
  • New and improved stone

4Thermal shock resistant – While many other pizza stones that are being sold today can crack due to thermal shock, you can rest assured that this one won’t. The natural mineral cordierite provides a shock resistance that’s second to none. If you’ve had to deal with cracked pizza stones in the past, you know just how frustrating it can be. To see your hard-earned money go to waste with one simple crack down the stone is enough to bring tears to your eyes. Never worry about cracking again with thermal shock resistant cordierite.

100% guaranteed satisfaction – If you’re not completely satisfied with this product Pizzacraft will refund or replace the item for you. If you have any complaints at all, simply contact the company and you will be able to get your money back.

Measures 20 inches x 13.5 inches – We liked the surface area of the stone since it gave us a lot more space to work with. It’s bigger than the other stones we’ve listed and we appreciated the larger area when we wanted to make 2 smaller pizzas instead of one extra-large pizza. Sometimes we make an extra pizza for a friend or relative or prepare smaller pizzas that the kids can take to school.

5New and improved stone – This is an updated version of an earlier model with revisions based on customer feedback. The original version didn’t fit into a lot of the standard ovens on the market so the length was reduced accordingly. Now this stone can easily fit into most ovens and best of all the thickness of the stone has been increased to make it even more durable.

We found during our testing that this stone could indeed handle a lot of wear and tear and made fantastic pizzas. When we first used the stone it did emit an odor that is naturally expected from cordierite. This odor lasted for a few uses but then disappeared altogether.

We also found that this stone helped moderate the temperature of the oven when we were preparing other food. We left it in the oven by mistake one day and found that the other meals we were preparing turned out even better when the stone was in the oven than when it wasn’t. This was especially true for casseroles. They cooked more evenly without burning at the edges or at the top. For the money, this is a great pizza stone that won’t burn a hole in your budget.

98 %
95 %
95 %

When you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a pizza stone you don’t have to worry about compromising on quality. The Pizzacraft Cordierite pizza stone will give you a great tasting pizza without a lot of expense. Sometimes it’s not possible to get the Cadillac version of a product and we totally understand that. This is why we took the time to review budget-priced pizza stones to find out which ones could produce fantastic pizzas, breads and other baked items.

You don’t have to settle for limp, soggy pizzas even when you’re operating on a strict budget. This is a stone that has been priced right so that even the most budget-minded consumer can still enjoy the best possible pizzas. As well, this stone made frozen pizzas much more enjoyable, which is another reason why we have included it in our list of the best pizza stones on the market today. Read our full review below to see why this stone is a winner.

Top 10 Best Pizza Stones

Anyone who is a true pizza fan has gone through or is going to go through a phase where you will try your best to make your own pizza. It’s really the only way to get just the best and most natural flavors, your preferred herb mixes, and it is also one of those fun activities that you can share with family or friends whether they are 12 or 56. The problem is that, try as we might, we can never get the crust to be quite as crispy as the one in a pizzeria, and it is not because of the fancy way in which they knead the dough, but because they use a real brick oven, whereas you only have a regular oven with a steel tray. The thing about an actual brick oven is that brick absorbs and releases heat more evenly than an oven could. So if you want to get that perfect pizzeria oven effect, or get the best tasting bread, you need to use a baking pizza stone of reasonable thickness that can take the high temperatures of baking. That is why we have put together the following list of the best  10 pizza stones on the market today for those true pizza fans that want to take their baking to the next level. Right after the list you can find our in depth reviews of those stones so make sure to check those out before making any kind of decision.
PreviewNameRatingPriceMore Details
Old Stone Oven 4467 14-Inch by 16-Inch Baking Stonevery good$$Click Here!
Old Stone 4461 16-Inch Round Oven Pizza Stonevery good$$Click Here!
Heritage 15 inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone - Professional Grade Baking Stone- Non Stain- with Pizza Cutterexcellent$$Click Here!
Wilton 2105-0244 Perfect Results Ceramic Pizza Stone, 15-inchgood$$Click Here!
Pizzacraft 15" Square Cordierite Baking/Pizza Stone - For Oven or Grill - PC0100very good$$Click Here!
Jamie Oliver Pizza Stone and Serving Rack, Whiteexcellent$$Click Here!
Chef's Star 15" Ceramic Pizza Stone and Pizza Cutterexcellent$$Click Here!
Cuisinart CPS-013 Alfrescamore Pizza Grilling Stonevery good$$Click Here!
VonShef 15 Inch Ceramic Pizza Stone Set With Heavy Duty Chrome Stand with FREE Pizza Cuttergood$$Click Here!
15" Jumbo Baking Stone Setgood$$Click Here!

1. Old Stone Oven 4467 14-Inch by 16-Inch Baking Stone

Click here for more details


Despite their high end function pizza stones are not that expensive, particularly if you compare their price with how much an average quality pizza costs. So we decided to start this list with the 2 best pizza stones on the market. The Old Stone Oven 4467 14-Inch by 16-Inch Baking Stone is one of the best choices you could make if you are planning to cook more than just pizza. It is excellent for pizzas that are no more than 14 inches in diameter, as long as you oven is that wide, but it is also great for instances where you may want to bake bread or any type of hard dough cookies. It has an extra durable structure that allows you to place the stone in the oven even if it is preheated, so you can prepare the pizza right on the stone itself, and then you can pull it out of the oven straight away. It has a perfectly flat surface that means the pizza will not get stuck to it and will come off quite easily when it is full baked. Its shape also means that it takes full advantage of the surface area of most ovens so you can use it to cook huge batches of cookies at the same time.

2. Old Stone Oven 4461 16-Inch Round Oven Pizza Stone

Click here for more details


If all you really want is to bake pizza, there is a second alternative that, to our mind, is just as good as our first option. This is a round pizza stone, with a 16 inch diameter, so you can make much bigger pizzas, but it will not take enough advantage of the space in our oven for other type of cooking. It is actually made by Old Stone Oven, the same manufacturer as before,  you still get those very awesome options, like a very robust stone, that can stand temperature variations, an extra flat surface so the pizza comes off easily, and the ability to distribute the heat evenly so the crust comes out crispy and delicious.

3. Heritage 15 inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone

Click here for more details


Although we do not feel that 40 to 50 bucks is that much to pay for a high end pizza stone, the fact remains that there are those instances where that may seem like too much of an investment. The case of a student flat where you will only be using the stone for a couple of years comes to mind here. That is why the next 2 stones, represent our budget friendly alternatives. The Heritage 15 inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone is still somewhat on the expensive side, although not quite in the same price bracket as the Old Stone Oven, but it is certainly worth the money because it comes with a life time warranty against cracking. We were also excited to see that it comes with a ceramic glaze that allows the dough to flow easily off the stone.

4. Wilton 2105-0244 Perfect Results Ceramic Pizza Stone

Click here for more details


Finally, with the Wilton 2105-0244 Perfect Results Ceramic Pizza Stone we get to our best budget friendly pizza stone. This is a stone that is thick and perfectly absorbs the heat from the oven and then distributes it through the core of the pizza. The best thing about this particular offer is that it costs less than half of the price of the Old Stone Oven stone, and at 15 inches in diameter, it will allow you to bake fairly reasonable sized pizzas. The only disadvantage of the Wilton pizza stone is that it cannot take huge temperature variations, so you will need to place it in the oven while it is still cold, so it heats up with the oven, slide the pizza right on the stone, and, when it’s done, slide it off, and leave the stone in the oven to cool down at a slower pace. But aside from those limitations, this pizza stone is one of the best we have tried.

5. Pizzacraft 15″ Square Pizza Stone

Click here for more details


As our last choice for the top 5 best pizza stones of our list we have decided to revisit the square baking stone concept. The Pizzacraft 15″ Square Pizza Stone is a very thick pizza stone, so it can easily go from very cold to very hot without cracking. That means you can get everything setup right on the stone, and then place it in a pre heated oven. Its obvious advantage is that it can more easily fit a smaller oven and take advantage of that space, so this would be a smarter choice for those who also enjoy baking cookies and bread.

6. Jamie Oliver Pizza Stone

Click here for more details


It may surprise you that the Jamie Oliver pizza stone has only made our top 10 choices and does not have a spot in the winning 5, but, for all its other advantages, it is still not perfectly able to take sharp changes in temperature and you will have to leave allow it to heat up as the oven heats up and only then slide your readymade pizza on top of it. For all that, this is still a brilliant pizza stone, with a very slick surface that will allow the pizza to slide on and off without any problems. It also comes with its own serving rack, so you can make a proper show of bringing the food to the table.

7. Chef’s Star 15″ Ceramic Pizza Stone

Click here for more details


If you liked the Jamie Oliver pizza stone, you may like the Chef’s Star 15″ Ceramic Pizza Stone even better. It is the same basic stone, and it even comes with its own rack, but it does not have the Jamie Oliver brand to it. That means the manufacturer, Chef’s Star, managed to include, in the same price range, a top of the line pizza cutter as well. Since there is virtually no difference in terms of quality between the two, we would go with the Chef’s Star, but most people prefer to go with the brand name and there is no shame in that.

8. Cuisinart CPS-013 Alfrescamore Pizza Grilling Stone

Click here for more details


When it comes to the ability to absorb heat, you can’t really beat the Cuisinart grilling stone. Not only can you take it straight from the table and into the oven, but you can also sit it down right on top of a grill and cook your pizza the traditional Italian nomad way. In case you are wondering, yes, we did try it and grills really do make everything taste better, including pizza. The only problem we have with it is the fact that at 13 inches, it makes a pretty small pizza and you would need to bake several in order to fed you average family of four.

9. VonShef 15 Inch Ceramic Pizza Stone

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Needless to say, as we progress down the list, the price vs quality ratio will get worse and worse. The VonShef 15 Inch Ceramic Pizza Stone is the same basic product as the Jamie Oliver stone, but it is somewhat more expensive and it does come with its own pizza cutter. We would not even have mentioned it, but VonShef are famous for their top o the line products and, if you have several of those, this particular pizza stone would make a nice addition to the family.

10. 15″ Jumbo Baking Stone Set

Click here for more details


Finally, we have what could only be described as the no name of pizza stones, the 15″ Jumbo Baking Stone Set. This is a stone that has no claim to any brand name support, therefore its priced very close to its production price, and yet the quality is incredibly good. The problem with no name products is that different batches of the same product will have different qualities, so, despite the fact that ours worked as a treat, buyers should be aware of that fact.

Why You Need a Pizza Stone

pizzastoneWhen it comes to pizza stones, it’s all about heat distribution. If you’ve been making homemade pizzas and have been using regular pizza pans, you’ve seen the effects of a soggy crust for yourself. No matter how much you cook the pizza, there never seems to be enough heat to cook the middle of the pie thoroughly. Even if you burn the edges of the pizza, there never seems to be enough heat making its way to the middle.

In order to enjoy a true homemade pizza sensation, you’ll need to invest in a pizza stone. It won’t cost a lot and you’ll be able to use it for years. It’s an investment that will pay off time and time again. You can throw away the phone number of your local pizzeria and enjoy the taste sensation that only comes with a homemade masterpiece.

If you bake bread in the oven, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on a pizza stone to enjoy evenly textured bread. The heat distribution of the stones listed below will make your homemade bread even better by cooking it evenly at the ends and in the middle.

Pizza stones can also be kept in an oven to moderate the heat distribution and to stop heat variances. Many cooks keep a stone in the oven even if they aren’t cooking pizzas or bread. These products keep your oven temperature regulated and many serious cooks would never put one of their dishes into an oven without one in it.

What Makes a Great Pizza Stone – Buyer’s Guide

The pizza stone was invented more than 40 years ago and has been used in fine restaurants, pizzerias and homes ever since. For many chefs, they are a must-have part of their cooking arsenal that they would never do without.

12The pizza stone is a flat large stone with a rough surface. When the pizza is cooking, the heat is evenly dispersed so that food can be produced without scorching or burning. They are available in a circular or a rectangular shape.

Many people use a baking stone for a variety of different recipes including cookies, meats and much more. You won’t have to worry about the bottom of the food scorching and they can be used for frozen pizzas or for reheating leftovers.

Once you’ve tried a pizza stone you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the investment years earlier. During our testing, there came a time when we all wondered the same thing ourselves. The pizzas produced were above and beyond what we expected and we were simply amazed with the results.

Other Considerations

yumWhen you’re looking for the best baking stone that would suit your purposes, one of the other things to consider is the ease of cleanup. The stones that we have listed above were all easy to clean and simply required some scraping and a good rinse after use. Some pizza stones are harder to clean than others, so make sure that you choose one that will only take a few minutes to clean.

One other thing to keep in mind when you’re purchasing a baking stone is that most will naturally discolor over time. Once you’ve used a stone a few times it will start to blacken. This is not a stain but should be rather considered as a part of the stone’s seasoning. A well-seasoned pizza stone is a well-used baking stone that has provided delicious homemade meals to the user. If the idea of seasoning doesn’t appeal to you, take a look at our review of the best pizza stone for the money. This stone won’t discolor over time. It should be noted, however, that a well-seasoned stone is a sign of distinction for many chefs.

Every home that has a cook or a chef in it deserves to have a pizza stone. These kitchen stones make great gifts for the person on your list that has everything and spends some time in the kitchen. If you haven’t tried one yet, it’s time to dive in and purchase one of the best kitchen items that you can have. While some people consider them a luxury, many more think of pizza stones as a vital necessity.

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