Pizza Now Comes at the Push of a Button

Fast food may be the quintessential American science but England seems to be beating us to the punch line with the development of a Hot Pizza Button. The move was made by Domino’s Pizza, who has created a pizza button which can communicate via Bluetooth with an application on your Smartphone to place an order for your favorite pizza. Just by pressing the button, your order is placed, the money is deducted from your bank account, and, in less than 30 minutes the pizza shows up on your doorstep.

domino's pizza button

Could this be the ultimate expression of redundancy?

Depends on what you mean by that. The success of the Amazon’s Dash Buttons certainly prove that people love the convenience and, the newness of this technology, and when it comes to pizza you have to admit that you waste more time trying to figure out what pizza to order than the time it takes the delivery guy to come to your door once you have made your decision. The button can only be programmed for one type of pizza, but, because of how easy it is to use, you may often choose to just press it, instead of going through the motions of appearing to want to try something new while eventually settling for the same old favorite. There is also the fact that you can be immersed in a project, hopefully to take one of the DOTA towers and not some job related stuff, and having to spend time thinking about food can take you out of the zone.

Well, there is little point going on in this manner. Chances are that, upon reading about the Domino’s Pizza Button, you either loved the idea or found it completely silly, and all for the reasons we have already discussed. The bad news is that, unless you live in the UK, you will not be able to take advantage of this offer quite yet. Domino’s are obviously testing the feature on the smaller market, but they are probably going to bring it over to the US in the next couple of months. In the meanwhile, you can certainly download the app, and use its virtual button. It is not as fun, tends to take you out of “the zone” of whatever you were doing, but it will give you a taste of just how easy and fun this feature is to use.

So what do you think? Will you be installing the Domino’s Pizza Button next to your computer as soon as it hits the market or will you wait to see if it really catches on.


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